"I choose to present subject matter such as beings and objects I love most as well as familiar places in landscape. But the essence of my work can reveal itself in any subject matter, including abstraction.

My early focus was on graphite drawing, more specifically portraiture. This evolved with the desire to infuse color and texture into my art using pastels and colored pencils. My current medium is primarily acrylic paint and/or mixed media.    

The current work, mostly abstract in nature, is made with the intent to create a sense of place - a moment in time, often ethereal and unfocused but with a clear sense of a particular memory. My love of the natural world will often enter into the work: water, sky, landscape, trees and animals (on occasion, human animals)." 

Nancy currently resides near the beautiful Santa Fe River in North Central Florida. Known as the "Land of a Thousand Springs”, the area is home to some of the most unique and fragile ecosystems on earth and serves as an inspiration for a thriving art community. 

Bromeliad in progress.jpg